The Enclave



The site is located in Williamsburg, New York, and are two corner lots at the intersection between Keap st. and S 4 st.

The project is a school assignment and consists of 36 apartments in Williamsburg. The neighbourhood is a hispanic community and during my site visit I talked with some locals. They told me “it used to be a quiet neighbourhood, but after the gangsters came – you had to be careful.” Therefore the ambition was to design something to remove the gangster activity and at the same time give something back to the community. The building is a hybrid with both a private- and a public program. The private program

is dense living inspired by Habitat ’67 from world expo 1967 in Montreal with qualities from favelas in Rio de Janeiro. The public program consist of three street football fields pushed in between the dense living and making the roofing of the dwelling tribunes for the fields. The public street football fields functions as a community center with the ability to assemble the locals and at the same time scare the gangsters away. Drawing much attention to a site while at the same time bringing a community together, makes gangster activities very difficult.


Left: This is my ambition for the site. You can see that the architectural addition shall cut of the gangster activities.

Below: This is the approach; At a site with criminal activities you can design and build something for children, which attract them to the site. Their parents won’t allow criminality near their children and the parents will join their children during the activities to keep them safe. Also the parents in the community will begin to stand together against the gangster. This makes it very difficult for the gangster activities to continue at that site and the have to move on. The same strategy have 'Architecture  for humanity' used with great success in their 'Football for hope program'.



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